Recuyle Of The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos


David Myatt
Recuyle Of The Philosophy Of Pathei-Mathos

θάνατος δὲ τότ᾽ ἔσσεται ὁππότε κεν δὴ Μοῖραι ἐπικλώσωσ᾽ [*]


The following pdf file (c. 355 kB) contains all of my writings concerning the philosophy of pathei-mathos, plus an older (2011) essay – The Abstraction of Change as Opposites and Dialectic – which has some relevance to that philosophy.

The Philosophy of Pathei-Mathos


  • Conspectus
  • The Way of Pathei-Mathos – A Philosophical Compendium
  • Some Personal Musings On Empathy
  • Enantiodromia and The Reformation of The Individual
  • Society, Politics, Social Reform, and Pathei-Mathos
  • The Change of Enantiodromia
  • The Abstraction of Change
  • Appendix I – The Principle of Δίκα
  • Appendix II – Glossary of Terms and Greek Words

[*] “Our ending arrives whenever wherever the Moirai decide.” Attributed to Καλλίνου, as recorded by Ἰωάννης Στοβαῖος in Ἀνθολόγιον (c. 5th century CE)